Sunday, 16 October 2016


The rainy days seem to have passed and we are enjoying glorious Spring weather. The blossoms on my crabapple always delight, and even match my current socks!
I've been cross stitching and quilting as well when I can. A little work on each and I might finish one of these mammoth projects eventually. I've passed the bottom left corner of Scarlett Ribands with these little squirrels, so the end is in sight.
I must thank  Kyle for the lovely gift I won for her blog anniversary. Always exciting to get an international surprise in the mail.
My mum has recently moved into aged care so we are preparing the family home for sale. A long and tricky process with four children who all live away, but we're getting there. Lots of knitting and sewing therapy happening!

I've joined Chookyblue's Secret Santa Christmas Swap. I think I decided what to make yesterday. It's small, but lots of tiny pieces so I think it will qualify. My partner makes lots of things for others so it was hard to see what her own preferences might be.

These are the finished socks form my last post. It will be too warm to wear them soon.....but there's always next year!

Happy stitching,
Susan x

Friday, 23 September 2016

Happy Friday

I love knitting socks. I don't know why I love it so much. I have dabbled in knitting on and off for years without much success but socks have me in their grip. They are such a neat, fun, portable project, and it makes me feel super relaxed. I really like wearing them too, and will be kind of sad when the weather gets too warm for them!

How good to start the weekend with a finish. A pair of socks for my husband! 

I'm still quilting and cross stitching, because I love doing that too, but progress is a little slower. I haven't started anything new. I'm really desperate for a new applique project, but I'm also realistic about how much less time I have to sew these days. I hate it when I have lots of things to work on and not as much time as I'd like, so I'm being SENSIBLE and restrained.


The end is in sight for Scarlett Ribands. I have finished page 8 of 12, so just the bottom row to go. I am really keen to get this finished, framed and on my wall. (I may or may not have another Long Dog Sampler waiting in the wings). 


I think being able to knit in the car is one of the reasons I'm enjoying sock knitting. This is the next pair on my needles for weekend travelling.
Happy stitching (and knitting),
Susan X

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Hexagons and socks

I have been playing with some hexagon graph paper to come up with a star layout for my little 3/8 hexagons. I started the centre diamonds a while ago and Hilda has inspired me to get them out again. I love little hexagons but they're not exactly stash busting! Rather than working only in red, I'm hoping to add another colour in the next round. I find colour selection the most challenging part of quilting!


It would be fair to say that sock knitting has been added to my list of addictions. My purple tweed Petty Harbour socks from the last post are finished and my best pair yet. So, so comfortable and soft. And the next pair cast on......although it has become my first sock fail. I fell into a trap for new knitters when I purchased the grey yarn. It was called sock wool, the skein looked a full skein, but as I was knitting, and just before the heel, I thought the ball of yarn was starting to look a bit small. A quick check of the very fine print on the label to find that it was 65g not 100g. Not getting two socks out of that, so I unraveled it all and put it aside for something else, maybe a beanie. A little disappointing, but we live and learn.

And the very next day, these lovelies arrived from Sharon at Woolarium. The red and blue are both Admiral Druck tweed, absolutely lovely to knit and wear. The blue will become a pair of socks for the man of the house!
It was been a rainy, rainy winter here, and last weekend our river flooded. Some roads were closed but no houses flooded like in other areas. Always a shock to see a familiar walking track covered in water. Our dam and tanks at home are all overflowing, so that's a great way to head into Spring and Summer.


I also got back into some hand quilting yesterday. I've been putting it off for a while.....too busy knitting......but made some good progress yesterday.

Hope you find some time to stitch over the weekend.

Susan x

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Last day of winter

Today is the last day of winter in the Southern Hemisphere, and I must say it has ended beautifully for me! A very rainy and overcast day off work, with not a lot of housework needing to be done. I love miserable wintery weather! Today, I've spent the afternoon knitting, and sewing a few hexagons together, and thinking about getting back to my hand quilting. 

The sock you can see here is number two of the Petty Harbour sock, and I am very keen to have it finished so I can wear them. The pattern makes these socks even cosier. I am more than a little sock obsessed at the moment.

I did a check on some works in progress over the weekend. The bunny hexagons are coming along nicely, nearly time to start sewing I think. 

Even the foxes came out to play. I have all the remaining fox pieces cut and ready to sew, they've been like that for over a year...........I just dread sitting at the machine for so long. I just need to make a date and get on with it (don't I Hilda?). 

And to finish off, a photo of our sweet girl..........still going strong twelve months after a grim diagnosis from the vet (and yes, she does have four legs hidden in that bean bag). 

Happy Spring (or Autumn) for tomorrow.
Susan x

Friday, 19 August 2016

Melbourne and Giveaway winner

I had an amazing time in Victoria. The quilt exhibition Making the Australian Quilt was exceptional, such beautiful quilts made without the tools and conveniences we take for granted. Of course my favourite was Prudence Jeffrey's hexagon quilt nd Auntie Greens. It was exciting to finally visit Lucellos after the exhibition, a little treasure chest of goodies.

It was wonderful to catch up with Elyte and Marina on Saturday. We have been meeting every two years as my niece and nephews turned 21, not sure what next event will bring me to Melbourne but I'm sure I'll be back again. We went to Woolarium for sock wool, GJ's and The Cutting Cloth, and had a lovely lunch afterwards. The girls spoiled me with some rabbit themed gifts including fabrics for my bunny quilt, and a bunny spoon. My sister gave me the book from the exhibition.


On Sunday we left Melbourne, perfectly timed to visit Threadbear at Castlemaine. I think I have found my spiritual home. I could have bought some of every single fabric in the store! I was so overwhelmed that I almost couldn't make a selection, but it passed. I stocked up on some great fabrics and backgrounds. Almost bought the starter pack for Celebrating Mary Brown but decided to think about it for a while. 

After two days wandering around Daylesford we headed back to Melbourne via Millrose......another overwhelmingly beautiful store. Then on to the plane home and back to work. I'm hoping to spend the weekend finally playing with my goodies!

I have finished another pair of socks for my niece, and one sock of the self striping variety bought on holidays. It's quite amazing to see the pattern come out.

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments for my blog birthday, I've been a bit slack with my replies. I used my highly technical random number selector (hi honey, please choose a number between 1 and 42) and the winner is number 33, Helen. Email your address and this little package will be on its way.

Happy weekend everyone.
Susan x
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